Tag: knowledge

  • Response to the Topic of Knowing the Holiness of G-d (Sep23 CSLI)

    A Monthly Reflection There is no fear like that which love begets. We do not fear God with the fear of the slave or felon, but with the fear of the love that cannot endure the thought of giving pain to the one loving and loved. F. B. Meyer G-d is NOT our equal.  He…

  • Response to the Topic of Knowing the Depth of Our Sin (Oct23 CSLI)

    A Monthly Reflection “Sin is a fundamental relationship— it is not wrong doing, but wrong being— it is deliberate and determined independence from G-d.” Oswald Chambers Sin sucks. It is everything that pulls us away from our Holy Father.   A breaking of shalom.  True peace and more shattered by death, despair, deception, and debauchery.  It…

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